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Privacy policy
In general, we want your personal information to be handled confidential. With normal use of our webpages, you are not required to specify any personal information to us.
But, if you should use any of our contact or submission services provided on this website, we need to now who you are and who we should reply to.
When, and if, you should use any of these services, we can ensure you that your personal information will be proffessionally handled by us, and will not be submitted to a third party. We have made an effort trying to make this website and it's services as quick and simple to use, and therefor some information are stored in cookies (locally on your machine), which makes further use even more simple and quick. In example, when your name is submitted once - it's automatically filled out for you the next timeyou might want' to use the same service.
If you don't want this website to store any cookies on your computer, you can deactivate this in your web-browser's settings.